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View From Below Update 5.0

November 21st, 2020

Hey everyone, I just finished up another update for View From Below. While it adds a few new things, it was mainly focused on polishing up some visuals and story sequences. I'll be releasing 1 more major update (6.0) sometime in December- but for now I can safely say that the game is *very* much all finished and polished up. If you do have any feedback or suggestions though, make sure to let me know! (I'll keep it in mind for 6.0!)

Final! Additional Achievements

  • “Answers” - Talk to All the Watchers in Challenge Mode

  • “The Creator” - Read God’s scrolls in Challenge Mode

  • “Treasure Master” - Open 30 chests (almost all of them!)

  • “Master Gambler” - Win Bell’s Wand from the Casino

  • “Coin Collector” - Collect 100 coins

  • Added an achievement unlock sound effect that you can turn on and off from the settings menu


  • Updated the appearance of Shady Traders, and added 3 more selling powerful items

  • Added another blacksmith to the Runes, who will upgrade your Piety Mask to an Iron Mask.

New Equipment

  • Iron Mask: +12 defense points

  • Crystal Staff: +9 magic attack points

  • Quick Brace: +15 speed points

New Minigames

  • Attack Training now has a new minigame, and the attack stat points you gain is based on how well you play it

  • Eating a mana berry now uses the old attack training key mash minigame

Additional Log Statistics

  • Added 3 additional stats to the spy log: perfect attacks, owl flights and coins collected

New and Improved Brightness Setting

  • Increased the intensity of the brightness setting

  • Fixed the small flash when the setting is changed

Chapter 1 Update

  • Made the overhear scene brighter

  • Refined the broken bridge scene

Chapter 2 Update

  • Improved how Bell dodges the attack visually

  • Added a small dialogue choice to the Cloaked Figure and Bell intro scenes

  • Added another save point

Chapter 3 Update

  • Improved and simplified the Soul Piece whispers sequence

  • Some small map design improvements and tweaks

  • Made one of the Snow Man Fork puzzles optional

  • Added another hidden rock switch

  • Improved The Fountain of Riches visually

  • Improved the igloo visually, lowered the reward amount a bit, and fixed a tiny visual error

  • Added a speech bubble to the rumors stand

Chapter 4 Update

  • Small map design tweaks and refinement

Chapter 5 Update

  • Improved map design of the final puzzle fork room, and fixed the torch layering error

  • Improved tileset of the chapel

Chapter 6 Update

  • Improved the writing for Peter’s secret prayer

  • Improved the bottom of The Crimson God’s sprite

  • Small tweaks and polish to the writing for the Praying sequence

Chapter 7 Update

  • *Greatly* Improved the writing in the first scene and battle, and added an explanation for Ash recovering from his wounds

  • Improved Melody’s sitting sprite

  • Added some screen shakes here and there to increase intensity

  • Added a small scene that describes lost spirits rushing to the soul gate

General Improvements

  • Fixed Bell's talking sound clipping

  • Talking sound effects now play when the name of the talker is hidden

  • Added a proper error message if a text file fails to load due to a broken installation

Visual Improvements

  • Added a small screen shake when puzzles are finished or levers are flipped

  • Refined some cutscene artwork, and added some more lighting effects, lense flares and particles.

  • Slowed Rose’s walk animation speed in some scenes

  • Improved Player's walk speed and cycle in cutscenes

Small Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the game soft locking before the final boss fight if you get to the event right before it, and then back track and enter another battle

  • Fixed the hint spirit missing a speech bubble

More soon,